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About us

The Organic Poet is a movement. A safe and empathetic space. Together we have only one goal in mind……to make the world a better place.


We live on a beautiful planet. Alone we sink but together we sail. Let’s share our successes together, and lend a hand to those who fail.

​Contributing positively to society is our passion, we hope that it resonates through. Let's help one another in our times of need with kindness and contributions from you. 


 Though we know we'll not influence policy, we thought we’d make a positive start. To step out of our bubble, shift focus from trouble and provide poetry that comes from the heart.

If you'd like to add steam to the movement, through spoken word, poetry or song. The Organic Poet train is in motion we'd love you to hop on!


Who are our members?


Our members are the most important element of theorganicpoet.com. They provide inspirational poetry with the aim of sharing kindness and positivity. Our members provide poetry from a variety of themes from fun positive-mindset stories to inspiring stories about overcoming trauma.


Characteristics of a T.O.P member?


We care about people. About helping and inspiring. 


We acknowledge that we are not perfect, we all have struggles, however through our words and poems we aim to enable readers to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life; read inspirational poetry and to know that no matter how tough times may be…….they will pass! We want society to flourish. We want to protect and support the mental health of our readers. 


Members of theorganicpoet.com are smart, they are resilient, and they are not afraid to share their vulnerability.


Alone we sink, together we sail!”


Join the movement


If you have a message, we would love to hear from you. To become part of the movement is easy......Simply:


a. Become a member of theorganicpoet.com (It’s free). Sign-up on our website.


b. Subscribe to receive our newsletters and up to date poems.


c. Like, retweet and Share the excellent work of our Guest Poets on social media.


Become a Guest poet


For those wanting to become a Guest Poet please send us a poem that you have written which you believe will inspire others. Send it to at theorganicpoet@gmail.com.