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A moment to spare @JoshuaVoyles4

Topic - Support

What does it cost

To help someone in need,

What does it cost

To offer a kind deed,

When a back is bowed

With worry and care,

What does it cost

To help instead of stare,

All it costs is

Merely a moment,

A single moment

To ease their torment,

Do you have a

Moment to spare

To show them

That you care?

Poet's biography

Name: J. Lewis

Place of residence: Evans, Georgia, USA

Your favourite quote: “Smile well and often, it makes people wonder what you’re up to.” - Satchel Paige

Your one wish for the world: That people would be okay with differences.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): twitter.com/j_lewis_author and ko-fi.com/j_lewis

A small bio about you:

I am a husband, father, Navy CPO, and author. I have poems published in Crow Calls Volume 1, an anthology from Quill & Crow Publishing House, as well as an upcoming historical fiction novel set during the US Civil War. I’m originally from the American Southwest and enjoy watching the sun set over the painted desert and spending time with my wife and four daughters.

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