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“Abundance of Hope” by @LingaKibbi

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I imperfectly have an abundance of hope.

Imperfect because hardships often blind me to it.

But then I remember through pain comes triumph.

And I foresee the hope.

Difficult days or situations often make me feel hopeless.

I feel like the feeling’s never going to end.

But then the sun sets and I see the colors in the sky.

These beautiful colors give me hope.

Hope is not a consistent feeling for me.

Sometimes I feel hopeless and victimized.

But expressing and sharing such feelings make me feel not alone.

And somehow the feeling passes and I see the hope.

For me, there is always hope.

Hope got me here and hope won’t leave me.

I imperfectly have an abundance of hope.

Would you like some?

Name: Kibbi Linga

Place of residence: Venice, CA

Your favourite quote: “I will die creating beauty out of this disgusting pain.”

Your one wish for the world: To help eliminate some of it’s darkness!

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