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In trying times

We question purpose

Everyone copes differently

You can escape, merely wait

Or you can let your old self go

And build something new

Once you've released the old

You can create your own mold

One to adapt you

For this changing world

Of course you won’t forget

What you've learned

Or what you were

Our current technology is not nearly optimally employed

Never mind what new inventions the future might bring

Imagine what we could do

With global cooperation

Could you imagine?

A world organized to live in

A planet nurtured to health

That would be amazing

With all the marvels we afford

You'd think

It wouldn't be so hard

Please now

Come on-board

Name: Kenton Oliver

Place of residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Your favourite quote: "If everything is forgotten, nothing is redressed." - In Pieces // Milan Kundera

Your one wish for the world: May honesty and compassion triumph over deceit and malice, bringing forth new waves of peace and prosperity. May the world be cared for, diversity be celebrated, suffering be minimized and freedom be maximized for all.

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