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Poet of the month - @MovementWhere - And I knew

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

And when I suddenly noticed, while describing myself to others, being gay was so far

down the list I often didn’t reach it, I knew.

And when the decades of unlearning the shame/guilt/rage I was force-fed because I was attracted to men, and I was a man, (I wasn’t ashamed before I listened to others’ opinions) I knew.

And when I figured out I don’t have to be any of the stereotypes many define as gay or straight, and every identity between and outside, I knew.

And when I understood being marginalized and hated and discriminated against says more about those doing the talking, or the shouting, than it defines me, I knew.

I am more than who I make love to.

I am more when I share with love.

And when I fully appreciated empathy and compassion and resilience, acceptance and self-preservation, understanding, and I truly felt joy and love, I grasped Pride as what it is. A first step. And perhaps, I always knew.

Evan's - Poet of the month biography

Three words that define you?

Student, Explorer, Deconstructive-Reconstructionist

Favourite song and why?

One? Music is imperative, and, like friends, variety and volume please.

“Tightrope” Janelle Monáe.

“Nature Boy” (cover) Kurt Elling.

“Have You Seen a Child” Gian Carlo Menotti.

“25 or 6 to 4” (cover) Leonid & Friends.

“Michael My Second Son” Dave Brubeck.

“Fides Tua” Tigran Hamasyan.


What does poetry mean to you?

to compress present

to charm form

to contemplate if

to crash like surf

to coax like a serf

to craft the aberrant

What is your objective as a poet?

Give form to the abstract, ungraspable, hoped for, and the imagined. Enchant colors, emotions, confusions and reinstate them to language, adding atop what has come before. Sometimes - more than often - to fathom what becomes, what comes to be, when words are linked, shuffled, reconsidered and encouraged.

If you could make a phone call to the teenage you, what message would you give?

“I know you’re not going to hear this now. Please listen and tuck it away, for later. You’re not a freak or a fraud. You know exactly what and what not to do. And yes, you’re going to fuck up, a lot. Try saying “oops” rather than launch into self-loathing perseveration. Being sensitive doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s the best bit you embody. Also, let people love you.”

What are you most proud of as a poet?

When I am able to get even a shard of universality, a smidge of shared experience, out in words. When I learn a new word, or find a different-for-me way to place something on the page and it resounds or gives pause or pings someone I have yet to meet.

Who is your role model and why?

Every person I have met, brief encounters, acquaintances, friends, and the friends I fold into my found/created families, have sifted and shifted me, whether by inspiring, paining, sparking questions or challenging beliefs (my beliefs continually recalibrate) or who gift a view, an idea, a concept or theory with a different bend. Interrelating forges fresh molds and rolls me toward curving-fractals and expanding, sprouting realms.

If you could offer any advice to a poet just getting started, what would it be and why?

PLAY! Take hours, days, minutes, moments or months on that one line, that one word. Build the way you want. Capture with language, with format, rhythm, with structure or without. What you’re coaxing out from your inner landscape, or whichever worlds you feel creativity resides, is paramount. Sidestep ego. Forget about product. Construct akimbo or sequential or abstract-linear… make your own form as it makes sense to you. Surprise yourself. Be your own conduit.

Links to your work



https://www.tellworthy.com/evanknappandthensome @tellworthy

https://anchor.fm/writingcommunitychatshow/episodes/EVAN-KNAPP-is-this-weeks-indie-Wednesday-guest-eegcd6 @writing_show

https://necessarywhimsy.com/2020/06/06/author-interview-evan-knapp/ @NecessaryWhimsy


https://queerindie.com/authors/ @queer_indie

#evansdailydance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMkfD9ZCnG-lbffR1MTg_w

A message for theorganicpoet.com readers?

This forum is one of the best gifts I’ve come across on the Interwebz. Use it liberally. Visit often. Reread with time between and you’ll find new messages and meanings from the incredible collection gathered by Theorganicpoet.com

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