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Becoming a poet @Scandela9

Becoming a poet

Is like walking over

a bridge that connects sections of the

universe, and realizing that getting off

at just one of them isn’t an option.

It’s the reason you can watch trees grow greener with the

Sun and not feel like rushing.

It’s the reason you’re here by yourself.

Becoming a poet is playing in the river

With your children and

Knowing this is all that


But it’s also flying over the sprawl of the earth,

Looking for some definition.

Nothing feels as good as being alone.

But you can’t breathe without knowing if someone is there.

Becoming a poet is like

wrestling with someone

who hasn’t formed,

Who wants you dead,

But who relies on you for its very heart.

There is no agreement.

Becoming a poet

Can feel like


Something better

And not showing


It can be free and beautiful,

But it is not childhood.

You can craft fantasies for

Everyone around you,

And constantly hear chatter

In your brain

But can’t decide whether

To speak it or write it.

You are a poet when

Thinking about it becomes too much

So you do everything else


Becoming a poet

Contradicts reality but

Is the only way to

Be real.

You have to make words act palpable

And strong.

Even if they show weakness.

It means your strength

Is in your ability to create

From where chaos exists.

To actually be a poet

Means you sometimes write

To find the light,

Instead of delivering it.

Immense and immeasurable,

Your power mystifies

Yet connects people to you


Unable to be severed from the chain which

Enables all life

A peek at what it’s like

To become a poet.

Name: Sara Candela

Place of residence: Los Angeles, CA

Your favourite quote: “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” 

Your one wish for the world: For thoughtfulness and real conversation to truly be valued

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

https://link.medium.com/cEOyHt5OR7 or on my Instagram, which is @Scandela9

A small bio about you:

I taught high school English in NY for 15 years, and now I float unanchored in Los Angeles trying to learn how to be the most authentic version of myself by being somewhere the opposite of where I thought I’d go. I want to live an extraordinary life.

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