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Being @YassimKat

Living shadows gently fluttering

Visual energy softly, gently caressing

Spread in splotches and splashes

A tapestry of pattern expanding underneath

Light speckled with a covering of form

An out spreading of spirit

A moment of peaceful lone dancing

Covering a shimmering dance floor

Interconnectedness, a rhythmic flow

The seen and the unseen in one visual painting

Presence and absence in collaboration with being

Swaying, sashaying, a holding together

A gift of life...a moment of living...a stillness of pause

Splatter of colors in different shades

Dark, light and every colour in between

Shadow on shadow...overlapping, protecting...


Name: Kat Yassim

Place of residence: Johannesburg, South Africa

Your favourite quote: Live life to the fullest

Your one wish for the world: compassion, humane interactions and everlasting love

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