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BORN A FLAME @halo_scot

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

You were born a flame From the tar of the Underworld Seeking Always seeking A voice in the dark A light in the shadows A star in the night To guide you home. For years, you buried your sun, Eclipsed your soul, With the weight of Self-doubt Self-loathing Self-deprecation Self-sabotage Seeking Always seeking An escape from the demons within. But your cage is iron, Your prison ice, Because fear is cold Careless Ruthless Cruel. And even though you’re Seeking Always seeking Horror hides the door. So you panic Flail Thrash Shriek But no one hears But no one sees. So you kick Scream Cry Wail But no one comes But no one cares. So you stand Fight Save Sing Until the voice in the dark Is you The light in the shadows Is you The star in the night Is you Until you guide yourself home. Then the flame you were born Becomes a fire you can’t tame, From tar To flame To fire To sun. The phoenix of your truth Burns bright as time. And no room of horrors, No door of souls, Can stop The flame within.

Name: Halo Scot Place of residence: United States

Your favourite quote: "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt." – Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Your one wish for the world: I wish for us all to accept our differences and to not let fear drive our actions.

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