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Name: Jami Fowler-White, NBCT

Place of residence: Memphis, Tennessee

Your favorite quote:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Your one wish for the world:

One wish that I have for the world is that we begin to see education as an innate right for all people and begin to remove barriers such as digital inequity and lack of monetary means so that all children can discover their true potential. The children are our future. We need to nurture and embrace them. This is the only way that our world is going to make it through these unprecedented times successfully.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):


Bio/About Me:

Currently, I am an Assistant Principal at an elementary school. In this role, I am primarily responsible for helping the school to maintain a safe and orderly environment, helping to build a bridge between the community and parents and the classroom, coaching Reading/Language Arts teachers, and analyzing data for trends which will help to increase academic growth and proficiency. As a former Title I Professional Development and Compliance Coach/Instructional Coach, I was responsible for equipping teachers with the latest research-based strategies to ensure academic excellence.

As a Professional Development and Compliance Coach, I coached educators at my home school in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science which has led to double-digit increase in student achievement in Science and Math and a seven percent increase in Reading. This led to two of my schools earning the status of Tennessee Reward Schools. In my work with the Shelby County School's district, I also mentor other coaches and Assistant Principals within the district and have provided professional development in the area of Instructional Coaching for the district. In 2013, I taught on the lead team which led to the Memphis City School’s district coaches attaining Bill Knights’s Instructional Coaching Certification.

During my fourteen-year tenure, as a classroom teacher, I achieved National Board Teaching Certification in the area of Middle Childhood Generalist, which makes me an expert in the education of children ages 7-12. Those who achieve National Board Certification are granted a ten-year certificate. In 2017, I renewed my National Board certification for an additional ten years.

In July 2017, the Tennessee Department of Education trained and hired me as a NBCT Candidate Support Provider and Facilitator for the State of Tennessee. This grant-funded position afforded me the opportunity to support other educators who are working to achieve National Board Certification for the first time or those who renewing their certification. In December 2019, I became a National Board Candidate Support Provider/Mentor for all educators across the United States, within this role I am tasked with assisting candidates who are seeking their National Board Teaching Certification and those who are working to prove that they still meet the five core propositions set forth by the National Board for Professional Teaching Certification Standards, which stress the importance of educators thinking systematically about your practice, reflecting on experiences, being committed to students and learning, being knowledgeable of their content.

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