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Topic - Choices/ love

Everything we do in life is a choice

To go one way or another

To be with one person or another

And these choices bring us good things or bad things

Choosing love brings us to back to our true self as when we are born we are just loving and pure

We do not know fear or associate with this normally until we go to school and meet someone who teaches us this

When we move away from love and our heart we pick the wrong road in life

Following our heart will always be kinder and, backed up with intuition we are 99% accurate in all we do

I choose love and my vibrational energy is love.

The universe understands love and so do all beings that live in our galaxy.

It is powerful enough to make a great difference.

When we are full of love our vibrational frequency is felt by all living energy.

Animals and children are drawn to us: inquisitive and feel at ease in this presence, just like an invisible magnet 🧲 drawing them in.

Good choices

When I meet someone I compliment them as it lifts them

And they feel better

It’s kind genuine and thoughtful

The better our choices the better the outcome of our life becomes

Choose love first always

Be kind and be your true self

Love all and be all

Poet's biography

Name: Marcus

Place of residence: Leicester, England

Your favourite quote: No one can make you unhappy unless you allow them to make you unhappy

Your one wish for the world: More people to awaken and find your own truth in a world full of fear

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): @quietshepherd1

A small bio about you:

I’m using my gifts to help others to awaken spiritually and play my part. I’m just a cog in a wheel that’s turning.

Helping others to find a neutral space between dark and the light

We are all connected in some way all part of the Collective so I’m grateful for everything and whilst I’m here I’ll be a messenger of this universe until it’s time to go back home to spirit .

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