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It comes over me now like the sweetest wave;

And seeing up now, I from the below

This sound that graciously heals;

A lightness in which enough strength is found to impale it's heavy enemy

The underlying peace which can be attributed to our highest and most natural state,

Here found to permeate my soul

Unencumbered I, into a state which is wholly true,

And beyond the reach of human tribulations and spiteful enemies

All this last while believing that I have been attacked, betrayed, and victimized;

A fraud has been in our midst

Found under the guise of a peace-bringer,

Was only the monstrous soul of misguided destruction

Who is speaking such things into my ear,

This is what my teacher asked of me tonight

I replied, if only in thought,

My pain body speaks these things to me

Yes, I have learned of such things

And put them into play with intellect and theory,

But what then of the heart and human condition?

As these things do become so separate

Two beings, within the one ...

Now I feel this wave which washes away my illness

And my mind is in this moment at rest ...

Gently now I step into creation,

And bowing to a beauty which is rightfully due

I find my love here; unbreakable is our bond

As the light of the sun does shine interchangeably with the moon,

So naturally, die the younger days now birthing us anew, exalted;

Only this comes into my comprehension,

This wave now most elegant and most elevated, washes all else away …

Name: Nicole Matta

Place of Residence: I live half time in New York City, and half time in Denver

Your favourite quote: “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” ― Eckhart Tolle

My one wish for the world: Is for every man to find a sense of peace and liberty that cannot be removed by anything outside ourselves.

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