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Daughters by @MatthewMCSmith

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As they play

in the ash-white light of noon

I hear that I am part of their story;

a character

in their chatter

amid light footfalls on earth

And later I am forgotten

in the chase and care of climbing

and when overcome

they reach up

and rest

head on my shoulder

Soon, I can just



As they cling

And bob

To the motion

Of their walking ship

Name: Matthew M. C. Smith

Place of residence: Swansea, Wales, UK

Your favourite quote: ‘Not at first sight, nor with a dribbèd shot, Love gave the wound which while I breathe will bleed:’ (Astrophil and Stella II by Sir Philip Sidney)

Your two wishes for the world: To be able to recycle all waste and cut light pollution to see more stars.

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