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DECADENCE by @PremieNair

As delicate as the soft petals of summer roses,

Its’ fragrance merely mild to the wild jasmine of the forest,

Still enchanting to conceive it,

Though the changing season withers it,

Causing its leaves to grey.

The ticking of time does not age,

Instead, creating a string of strength and courage, to bind,

Like a song and rhyme in complete unison,

A gentle familiarity,

Simple as the rising sun,

Each day leaves us behind,

With a reflection of everything beautiful,

A perfect reminder,

Of a special someone, called you.

Poet's bio

Name: Premie Nair

Place of residence: Malaysia

Your favourite quote: Be like the trees standing tall and majestic yet be grounded and humble

Your one wish for the world: People would be more kind and compassionate to each other

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A small bio about you:

Premie Nair is a writer, poet and a blogger. She has a full time career which she had spent most of her life building while at the same time finding and discovering her passion for writing. Life's many experiences has taught her to be kind, humble, compassionate and patient. Finding the balance between her work, family, friends and writing has been both challenging and a blessing. Through her written work, she hopes to share with others how life is not only a place of hurt, pain and suffering but it is also an amazing place of wonders, blessings and abundance. Premie is currently working on publishing her first poetry book titled, Musings of the Past.

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