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Picture this, your deepest desires made real, your soul revealed, all pain and sorrow healed.

You are no longer, rewinding. You are shining. I see you happy and free.

Your smiles made easy, your dreams please me.

Such sorrow, I saw you drowning.

You built walls surrounding your heart.

Dreams smothered, never to recover or re-discover your purpose?

Did you feel my hand take yours?

Did you see afresh all that is ours?

I carried you to a place of rest, you broken, distressed, unable to digest my love.

Finally, you broke through, me living in you. Breathing you anew.

Dreams re-kindled, no longer needing life’s blindfold.

Eyes open to love.

My child how beautiful you are. Your splendour gives light, your energy such a wondrous sight.

I see all of you, every part of you. Each swirl of energy defines you.

The darkness no longer binds you to the heavy earth.

You my child, are love. You are free, swirling, pure energy.

Do you know your dreams paint me?

Such a beautiful hue, a reflection of you.

So, dream your dreams, we shall make them, you and I

State them loud and clear, we will steer our path.

A steady course of discovery and creativity.

Name: Elaine Longworth

Place of residence: Canterbury, UK

Favourite Quote ” May the stars carry your sadness away,

              May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,

              May hope forever wipe away your tears,

              And, above all, may silence make you strong”

              Chief Dan George   (Native American Indian)

My one wish for the world: I wish humanity nurture hearts of gentleness and recognises the divine essence in all living things.

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Small bio:

I have enjoyed a fulfilling career in Social Housing sector and am a Fellow of the Institute of Housing.  I am now semi-retired and enjoying poetic expression.

I love writing poetry, it is truly healing.  Poetry is also a guiding hand for spiritual awakening and close connection to nature.

I live with my long term partner and we have a grown up son.  We have a rescue cat, and would love to get him used to the idea of us having a dog!

My greatest pleasures are gardening, feeding the birds, writing and meeting people who get my poetic soul.   

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