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Due Date - Rachel Evans

Topic - Miscarriage

Today you were due

But God only knew

That there would be no birth-day

Today you were due

But instead here I am

Without you, perplexed, seeing no plan

I saw you in my dreams

And I'm grateful for these

But how did you never quite make it...

Into my arms, into my life?

This grief cuts like a knife

Today you were due

But instead here I am

Stuck in a different reality

My world torn apart

Not yet put back together

Getting my head around a change in the weather

Is there a place we can go

For those who are keen to know

About those twists and turns...

Those excrutiating burns

The “it's my turn”

Now on the scrap heap of life called 'how'?

Today you were due

And I know I should be

Holding you in my arms with pride

Instead I find my self with empty arms

Praying I will meet you on the other side

Poet's biography

Name: Rachel Evans

Place of residence: Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire

Your favourite quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (From

the Bible...Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13 NIV)

Your one wish for the world: That everyone would be seen valued and loved

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): https://rachsevans78.wixsite.com/gosing

A small bio about you:

As a naturally high energised go getter, life has thrown several curve balls, but with the help of others and my faith in Jesus Christ, I have made choices time and time again to get up and carry on. A Christian friend just recently said to me this..."God will not waste a single thing that you experience or go through. Your greatest trauma can sometimes become your greatest ministry if you give it over to Father God and let Him use it". My hope and my prayer would be that many lives would be touched and impacted by knowing that they are not alone in their grief. I once heard someone say "if your song doesn't have hope in it then don't bother sharing it". My hope and my prayer is that my poem would bring hope to many lives. My personal prayer is that I will see my child again on the other side and be with them for eternity.

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