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Years will pass, and we’ll etch a timid line with mud across the ambiguous firmament,

to trace the birth and death of our earthly path.

A mix of confidence wet with fear

will grow the germs of our uncanny kind.

We’ll wear this loam as a second skin

that quickly crumbles as soon as it dries.

It scrubs our tired cells in a pact of Renaissance for the emergence of the simple track

where we see our hands place the obstacles 

that summon faith to lift and try.

This is our task: a messy vortex slushing inwards and hurling outwards as long as we last.

Name: Antonia Wang

Place of residence: Atlanta, GA

Your favourite quote: "The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness." ~ Wayne Dyer

Your one wish for the world: For everyone to acknowledge and utilize their inner magic.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

http://www.biteslove.com/ Bio: Antonia Wang is a mom, yogi, foodie, and nature aficionado from the Dominican Republic. She is the author of two poetry collections: Love Bites and In the Posh Cocoon. Antonia’s poetry has been featured in the VSS365 Anthology One: 2019 and various online outlets. Her signature style is insightful, lyrical, and layered in meaning, with a healthy dose of wordplay. She published her first poems online in 2007 in English and Spanish and shares frequent inspirations @tuttysan.

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