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Empurpled Melody @OminousHallways

Swells of quietude drift

Along the lava plains

And deep in ocean trenches

Where nothing exists

But monochrome dreams

And monotone drones

I drift in the inky black

Ushered away from all I know

A faint pinpoint of light receding

I find pressure squeezing me

Gently at first

Then harder, then too hard

I feel my very being

Start to creak and crack

The future melts into the past

The blank slate of nothingness

Offers me its chilly embrace

And the void is all I can see

But then a small ray

Of distant light intensifies

As the crushing forces steel me

First I see intense colors

The emptiness empurpled

Into violent violet, lavender

My senses awaken

With perfume-like flushes

Of fragrant eucalyptus

I find a surprising well

Of strength and fortitude

A striking unquenched will to be

I step forward tentatively

Onto lush grass amid brilliant wildflowers

In an unending meadow

Life is mine to take and hold

And even if it’s small and fragile

It is smooth and warm and lustrous

From it I can draw forth

A brief but beautiful melody

That for now is mine to sing

Name: Migs (@OminousHallways)

Place of residence: Southeast USA

Your favourite quote: "If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down." Toni Morrison

Your one wish for the world: More people learn and practice kindness and empathy

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