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Fixed heart, Redeemed life @MemoirJoyGirl

Topic - Healing

Grief struck deep, twisting my heart.

Been holding on, yet falling apart.

Burning pain consumed my chest.

The battle’s been tough; it’s time to rest.

Surrendering though may bring my end.

God’s unyielding touch said “give in” to Him.

Trust the unknown, see where I go.

Firm on this earth . . . or where the wind blows?

Looked up to the heavens, released my breath.

I prayed to live, not ready for death.

Casting my misery swiftly away.

“Not yours to carry,” I heard Him say.

He whispered so gently only my ears could hear.

Crying out to God had brought Him near.

His voice was clear, my heart was healed.

The pieces mended; a new rhythm revealed.

My heart is fixed, my past restored.

I’m alive today; I thank my sweet Lord.

Poet's biography

Name: Deanna Davis

Place of residence: Northern California; in the Foothills of Sierra Nevada Mountains

Your favourite quote: “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” By: David Richo

Your one wish for the world: My wish for the world is for Mutual Respect, Kindness & Understanding to be the New Normal for all.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): Instagram.com/memoirist333

A small bio about you:

I’m living my dream of writing-to-publish memoir, poetry & exhortations to give others a new hope. I’ve been writing since age 15; I’m now 65 and ready to share my heart with the world. I love my role of being grandmother most. I’ve found true love with a wonderful man late in life; it’s never too late. My son was my first true love who was the miracle that saved me from death; he introduced me to God which led me into my spiritual journey of recovery.

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