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Fresh cycle @DmDavanti

Fraught with static

they turn to

ancient languages

sharpen stanzas

to rewire these wrongs

reject dogma in

self-evident menace

seek wisdom

in stars

listen to

moonbeams instead

devouring asphalt

they find


in each other

bequeath the best

in themselves.

Name: DM Davanti

Place of residence: Pennsylvania

Your favourite quote: “Be realistic, demand the impossible!” ― Che Guevara

Your one wish for the world:  Survival at abrupt fathoms.

Where can we find out more about you: DMDavanti@ Twitter

A small bio about you:

Between spurts of haiku and micropoetry, DM Davanti is a historical fiction and horror writer. With several works being published this year, he has appeared in Headline Poetry.

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