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Giving Back with Love @LingaKibbi

I feel that "being of service and giving back" is important to me.

I’ve tried it, and it often feels good, unless I make myself do it.

Sometimes I overcommit and feel a sense of fear.

I don’t like that. But I do love to give back with love.

I can confidently say that “I give back with love.”

Typical “service commitments” don’t always work for me,

but I’ve found what does.

I love to share my abundance of love.

I find joy in smiling while meaning it at everyday people.

I love being of support and an ear for those in pain.

I love giving hope to those who are emotionally turmoiled.

I love being kind from the bottom of my heart.

I love lifting people up by providing them a sense of joy and unity.

I love spreading the message of light rather than dark.

I love love and I love to show it.

I share my love by giving back with love, do you see?

Being of service is important to me.

Today I know the types of service that works for me.

Each day I find more ways to give back, which keeps things exciting!

I feel I become stronger and happier by giving back with love.

Name: Kibbi Linga

Place of residence: Venice, CA

Your favourite quote: “I will die creating beauty out of this disgusting pain.”

Your one wish for the world: To help eliminate some of it’s darkness!

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