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Topic - Positive mindset

As the flame burns the memories begin to fade

Ever present glimpses of the flowers that we laid

Touches become lingering thoughts from so very long ago

Thinking of the dust that remains as the wind begins to blow

Shuttering at the reality of what now is gone for good

Moving now only because I was told that I should

Water seizes my face from a source unknown to me

No longer the same only half of what I use to be

As I stumble through the darkness with no hand to hold

Unsure of now being in a harsh world that’s far too cold

No longer with the warmth of soul that was beyond pure

Fighting loneliness that is now making way for fear

I shall join you before long because that is my place

Wait where you are for soon we shall be face to face.

Poet's biography

Name: Dr Frederick White

Place of Residence: Memphis, TN

Favorite Quote: If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance, RUN, then yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it. And which is more, you will be a man, my son. ~ from the poem, If by Rudyard Kipling

One wish for the world: At first glance, people often assumed that I played sports in high school and in college. Unlike many African American men, I have always known that my brain was my most powerful weapon and have and will continue to fill it with as much information as I possibly can. My one wish is for each of the student that I am blessed to have in my care too realize all that getting a good education will afford them, so that each one of them begin to work to “fill their brain” with as much knowledge as they can as well.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): https://digitalpd4you.com/

Bio/About Me:

Dr. Frederick White is the Co-Founder of Digital PD 4 You, LLC and the author of the book, The Skin You are in: Colorism in the Black Community, the First (2020) and Second (2021) Edition. Frederick has served as a leader in the educational field for twenty-one years. Dr. White has also spent the past twelve years serving as an AVID staff development instructor. Dr. White obtained a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Trevecca University and currently serves as a Principal of a middle school in Shelby County Schools in Tennessee.

Follow Frederick on Twitter @fdwhite02 to get his bi-weekly Labyrinth of Leadership tips for school leaders.

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