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Gracefully @joypainlovewrit

I do not want to grow old gracefully,

I want my face full of laugh lines,

My hands covered in calluses of hard work,

My mind overwhelmed with tasks of each day,

And my feet tired from dancing all night long,

I want my soul overflowing

with prayers of gratitude,

My heart carrying joys of life,

My hair painted with strands of gray

from all the experiences of a

life lived and fulfilled,

And my body walking into death

content, willing and with no regret

Name: Hangama

Place of residence: Ontario, Canada

Your favourite quote: “Die before you die” by Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Your one wish for the world: To realize that we need sustenance to survive but each other to thrive. Humans need humans :)

Where can we find out more about you?:

Twitter @joypainlovewrit,


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