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Harbinger of Peace @DrGeetaBhandari

Here comes the forerunner,

contemplating ,

a world of peaceful co-existence in a barmy world of multitudes ,

endeavoring to keep the sanity live ,

eager for peaceful co-existence,

struggling in a delirium ,

quailing in frenzy ,

groveling for sanity ,

but still remains undeterred ,

with a hope to regain the wisdom ,

in the world so full of adversaries of mankind .

Hoping against hope ,

an envoy of peace ......

envisages and hopes for a world.....

where bread is free ,

where shelter is free ,

where clothes are free for all and sundry ......

He convinces to free the multitudes so that they can live with a contemplation,

after shedding many deaths,

to be reborn again

to recreate the world,

once again,

with a scope of alteration,

practising the religion of peace ,

silencing the uproar,

visualizing the change of faith ,

averting the tumult and chaos,

generating the ideas of compassion ......

a human world

where all is peace .....all is calm.

Mankind living in peaceful cohabitation,

respecting the sovereignty of each and all.

Looks like a distant dream in a world of weaponry ,

where contradicting antagonists of mankind ,

are launching the missiles of hatred,

marring the hope for a peaceful universe ,

with their 'internal revolution' to overpower,

thus dampening the spirits of a dreamer.

Now for the think tank,

the intellectuals ...

the multitudes........

to not just think but do something for nature .....








tsunamis ...

all ravaging the peace and modesty of the world!

Name: Place of residence:  United Kingdom/India 

Your favourite quote:  “GOD’S IN HIS HEAVEN – ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!”

Your one wish for the world: Each one of us should contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

Where can we find out more about you: Muse and Me(Under Construction)

LiteraryVoice: a peer reviewed Journal 


A small bio about you:

Dr Geeta Bhandari is senior faculty member of SDP College for Women, Ludhiana, India. She specializes in the aesthetics of Modern British Fiction and has added to the corpus of Iris Murdoch’s criticism with her first book, The Novels of Iris Murdoch, which was published in 2009. She is an Associate Editor, Literary Voice. Odyssey of Love is her second attempt wherein she treats metaphysics, the nature of self, being, existence, time, and space as the ultimate underlying principles of life and reflects how they steer and guide mankind towards morality. She explores the attempts of man, which he makes for self-perfection, and discovers the beauty of the human soul and magic of love that characterizes his life. She feels self-surrender in love can lead to ultimate and unlimited reality. She endorses Murdoch by saying that it’s only through the celebration of love and freedom that we can understand the ‘otherness’of other human beings.

Taught English Language and Literature in various schools in UK.

She is National General Secretary, HRSS having Consultative Status with the United Nations.

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