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Build me a home

away from yesterday’s shadows

in the edges of the sun’s sphere

where beauty and wonder ferment

No doors no windows cement

never blind

never borrowing

thoughts or ideas

Build me a home

deep in the foundation of self

least I float away

never having been found

never knowing never breathing

living in fragmented lies

and tattered truths

Name: DanielleM

Place of residence: Trinidad and Tobago

Your favourite quote: This too shall pass

Your one wish for the world: That one day we will learn from the past and that people begin to understand, healing starts from within and we must deal with our demons.To thy own self be true and the healing will flow.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): Find me on Twitter: DanielleM (@cosquellemind)

A small bio about you:

A former Journalist and Copy writer. DanielleM is a writer/poet at heart traversing life. Her debut Anthology of poems, "Kissing Shadows:Caribbean Love Poems" is available on Amazon. Look out for more poems and novels soon.

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