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Hope Floats Through Troubled Seas @ChrisQuinn64

Unprecedented times...times of entrenched injustice...

Human suffering takes on many forms...

Fear, pain, despair, depression, anxiety, death.

Do we see it, hear it, feel it, know it?

To what or to whom do we turn?

Hope can offer small or large freedoms.

It can spring forth from deep within the soul,

a soul held captive that may be aching for release.

Hope exists for us to experience and to share,

despite the brokenness of our world.

A flicker of hope can raise us up in times of trouble.

Not the solution to all that ails,

but hope can help us find our voice and take action...

it can be a lifeline in a sea of uncertainty.

May healing come as hope floats!

Name: Chris Quinn

Place of residence: London, Ontario, Canada

Your favourite quote: “Hope will not be cancelled!”

Your one wish for the world: That we each make it a habit to overwhelm someone with kindness!

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