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Hope, gratitude, kindness @BramaleaDD


I Have A Hope

I have a hope

Because Each new day

Brings a new promise

That I could try again

I might even succeed !

Each cloud comes

With a silver lining

I can see it shine through

And wait for the storm to end !


I’m So Grateful

I’m grateful for my heartbeats

I'm glad that my soul sings

I’m thankful for the sunrise

And the new promise it brings

I’m glad I get a chance again

To make a difference in some way

I’m grateful that my tribe walks with me

Look at all the dragons we did slay!


Marked With Kindness

Your words

May be gone with the wind

But your kindness

Shall leave a lasting imprint

Don’t hesitate

To make your mark

Let them judge

From finish to start

Let your heart be your guide

Listen to the quiet voice inside.

Name: Amrapali Sharma

Place of residence: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Your favourite quote:

"It's okay to be glowstick: Sometimes we have to break before we shine"-Jadah Sellner

Your one wish for the world:

"..If more people were for people, all people everywhere. There'd be a lot less people to worry about and a lot more people who cared."

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): I don't have a website....yet!!

A small bio about you:

I am a Special Education Teacher at a High School in Brampton, Ontario. I have over 23 plus years of Teaching experience, with 15 plus years working with Special Needs. I’m a humble Receiver of “Award of Distinction for 2020” by the Peel District School Board. I do not profess to be an expert, but I am observing and learning every day from the students and my colleagues, continuing to aim for “heart-gogy.” All learning must start from the heart so that it can reach the heart. Then the mind shall follow.” 

I have signed up for the Spec. Ed. Specialist Course and am currently working on the ASD Communication Course!In my last assignment I got an A+ which for me is a huge achievement at 44 years of age! We must celebrate the 'little things'!I am a fledgling writer and write for blogs/websites. Have a half-written story about my Cancer journey. These days, twitter inspires me to express my thoughts as poetry.

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