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Idol @imogen_h_c


how I watch you and crave you


to free me.

Maybe I have been loving the wrong kind?

Reach into the desires of me to find

that my mind


onto your melodic LP.

I drown myself to the sound of your Muddy Waters.

Disembodied from my sexual identity

I fawn for your reality,

as I gnaw away at my empty.

Should I explore

your sense of more?

I listen to you howl.

My heart growls

at the discomfort

of this sacred and foul


Cover me with your


We are strange. And we are never ever going to change.

Name: Imogen Hudson-Clayton

Place of residence: Devon & London

Your favourite quote: The quality of your relationships, is the quality of your life - Esther Perel

Your one wish for the world: I think it would be along the lines of what Brene Brown advocates - “It’s hard to hate up close, move in”. For everyone to own their authentic selves, and to live with more courage and compassion, and to keep striving to connect.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):


A small bio about you:

Imogen is an Actor & Director, as well as a Poet. She is dedicated to the creation and development of stories - believing they have the power to connect, heal, and liberate us - and is an advocate for emerging artists. Her main body of work at the moment is with Chaskis Theatre as an Associate Artist, and as an acting teacher at Rose Bruford College.

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