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Ignite @MovementWhere

Simply an embrace of meta-spectrum color, of ignited dark ether matters, of non-placid plasma.

Suspended in the exact center, a pip in eternity, the middle in infinity.

A timeless mashing sphere inmost, a vacuum-hollow, stitched by centrifuge needles, worked by seamless fingers.

Ever-mulching colliding, a transfiguring race, a race-rounded moshing, chested, a compounding slip.

Slipping into the center where particular particulates form, and formality is silenced, sliced apart and scattered, to be then pulled taut, round the edge of the elipsed boundary for another, and then a next.

Forever creating together in new configurations, dimension and redemptions.

Name: Evan Knapp

Place of residence: Portland, Oregon, US

Your favourite quote: "Where there is movement there is hope."

Your one wish for the world: Kind, steadfast empathy.

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