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I’m confident‬

‪I’m insecure‬

‪I’m kind‬

‪I’m a bitch‬

‪I’m calm‬

‪I’m reactive‬

‪I’m introverted ‬

‪I’m extroverted‬

‪I’m sorted ‬

‪I’m fucked up ‬

‪I’m all and none of the above at the same time.‬

‪Beyond all the labels and concepts, there’s a SPACE where YOU and I are the same.‬

‪I’ll meet you there.‬

Name: Maggie Gilewicz, PhD

Place of residence: London

Your favourite quote: by Jeff Foster

Your one wish for the world:

That more and more people realise that a true and a sustainable change doesn’t come from the outside. It has to start on the inside: in our hearts and in our minds

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

Twitter at @maggiegilewicz and Facebook @drmaggieg

A small bio about you:

Dr. Maggie Gilewicz, aka Dr. Maggie G, is a Sociologist and a Transformative Coach. She helps people from all walks of life understand and navigate their feelings, and see themselves and their lives in a fundamentally different way by sharing the new understanding of mind often referred to as the "inside-out understanding," or the "three principles."

She is passionate about helping young adults design meaningful and fulfilling lives. Otherwise, she lives in London, loves to travel, and sing songs by Ella Fitzgerald after a couple of glasses of wine.

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