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Itʼs okay @sphoenix78

It's okay she heard the voice say...

To feel sad. Things are changing, it's okay.

It's okay she heard the voice say...

To feel that pang of pain in your heart, it's okay.

It's okay, she heard the voice say...

To feel lost. You'll find you again, it's okay.

That sweet voice of compassion, she had never really heard before.

It's okay the voice whispered, it's okay.

She listened to the voice as she collected up her things.

The end of an era, it’s okay, she heard the voice say, it's okay.

The soothing sounds of the syllables as her ears were filled with reassurance.

It's okay, she heard the words and she recognised the voice...finally self- compassion had

regained her crown from the judge and jury...

Finally, kindness had come to call, just when she needed it the most...It's okay, the voice said.

I know, she replied, It's okay.

Name: Nicola Owen

Place of residence: Bolton, Manchester

Your favourite quote: “We have two lives and the second begins when you realise you only have one.” Mario de Andrade from his poem My Soul Has A Hat.

Your one wish for the world:

That everyone practices kindness. That they are kind to themselves and others, always.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

Instagram handle - Zennic_wellbeing

Website - www.zennicwellbeing.co.uk

A small bio about you:

Nicola is a 41 year old mum to two boys, and is a trained primary school teacher who has just resigned to work as a well-being practitioner in her own business, Zennic Wellbeing. She is passionate about well-being, kindness and positivity. She loves to write- journaling, poetry and has recently taken to blogging. She loves running and weight training in her spare time. Meditates as part of her daily practice and adores taking photographs whilst out on her walks with her dog Ted.

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