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Just Love @BlossomMist

When a raindrop touches your lips

It's me who would kiss you like this

When the wind ruffles your hair

It has taken a part of my share

When the dew falls from the skies

I gazed you with my eyes

When you feel the sun warm

It's me who's holding your arm

With the moon full or new

You will find me with you

A splash with the wave blue

For me it runs to you

A walk in the moist grass

Enveloped in shimmery fog

It stole my embrace

As a gem encased

Name: Mona Sundaram

Place of Residence: New Delhi

Favourite Quote: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

My one wish for the world: I wish there's compassion and understanding among all. For we need it for our future generations. More smiles and less malice.

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