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Let your voices be heard! @JA_Roles_Author

Awake at night when you can't sleep,

Got things on your mind that are way too deep,

Thinking about all of those times,

When black people got accused of false crimes.

You see they can never win,

Because of the colour of their skin,

They're not allowed to fight back,

If they're not white but they're black!

United we say no more,

Will the human race ignore,

We will stand up tall,

Until the racist establishments fall,

Stand in silence, stand together,

Scream and shout no matter the weather,

Remember to hold hands and sing,

Remember the sacrifice of Martin Luther King!

This is a plea to the world,

Let your voices be heard!

Let your voices be heard!

Let your voices be heard!

Name: J A Roles

Place of residence: Manchester, UK

Your favourite quote: Be the change you wish to see

Your one wish for the world: Peace and acceptance

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):




A small bio about you:

I'm from Manchester. I'm a mother of a wonderful little boy. I love to travel and explore the world. I love to write and create my own worlds full of fantasy characters. I mainly write about vampires, werewolves and witches but I still love to produce works of other genres and poetry of course!

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