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Light and Laughter @CaelanRowan

White fire of sun, that comes, that plays, ablaze her smiling eyes in mists of morning… I meet her, bless her skies and breathe: one breath, one splash of light, my soul aflame!

Sweet bath of air, so clear it bites, ignites all waking life, delightful wellspring… My heart, with laughter’s lightness, drinks: one drought, my eyes are joy, my voice is song!

She comes each day, arrayed in white, her sight, her breath so sweet, all life rejoicing… My world in dance to see her eyes: one glance from her, one call, and I am with her! Oh love, my light, my breath and song, I’m here!


Caelan Rowan McCuen (my pen name, under which I publish all my content)

Place of residence:

The Pacific Northwest of North America

Your favourite quote:

You must love the number of last night's stars, and know the number of this morning's raindrops. Hakuin Ekaku

Your one wish for the world:

That the many diverse cultures of our world's peoples will all one day be truly free to reflect the beauty of their lands, so that in each other we will see the loveliness of the earth and become as wise and compassionate as our living world.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):


A small bio about you:

Caelan is a poet deeply inspired by the ancient Irish tradition, a lover of cultural wisdom literature and ancient language, a writer of fantasy, mythologies, and creator of languages, who maintains a practice of Tai Chi and cultivates a shamanic relationship with the land.

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