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Lightness @mktt_lee

I would love to say something resonating

About what it is to turn your life around,

As though by revealing the secret of finding inner peace

It is easy to steer others on a better path.

I could talk about patience, and waiting,

How the right thing at the right time

Will sprout up without warning

To block what would have been your road to destruction

But instead leads you to an afternoon amongst wildflowers.

I could say, I've been there, I know your sorrow,

I know the relentless rain of dark clouds

And the days when even the air is made of lead,

And that something unexpected will be there

To take the burden from your back

So quickly that at first,

You won't even know it's gone.

These are hollow words

When the world feels shallow.

And I don't have the syllables for anything profound.

What I do know is the only truth there will ever be.

You are not alone.

In a sea of voices calling out for something better

We are a chorus line against sorrow,

A lullaby to sleep to,

And a rousing shanty sailing towards better days.

There is hope.

There is a new morning.

There is sunlight ahead.

And if you're with me to greet it even though we have never met,

Then you, and me, and everyone

Who sees the best in this world

Gets to feel that warmth on our faces.

We will know lightness again.

Name: MK Lee

Place of residence: UK

Your favourite quote: "When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." - Wayne Dyer

Your one wish for the world: Real, actual equality for everyone

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): https://tellingtalesweb.wordpress.com/

A small bio about you: MK Lee is a writer of poetry, stories, and articles, who is a little too attached to their laptop and just the right amount of obsessed with cake.

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