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Look within @AKarpouzos

You came into this world

with enough light to find your way out of the dark,

enough kindness to save a soul,

enough love to shift a planet.

Don't worry, you are equipped with all you could ever need.

Look within, you are drenched in magic.

Name: Alexis Karpouzos

Place of residence: Athens- Greece

Your favourite quote: "When you look deeply into yourself you may be able to see that there is, in this moment, a quality of aliveness that is animating you that is not philosophical and is not abstract. It's independent of what you think about it, what you believe about it and what you feel about it. It's always there! it is animating your breath, It is coursing the spirit, it is what makes it possible for you to think and speak and see and hear. This is the invisible touch".

Your one wish for the world: Understanding.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):


A small bio about you:

Alexis karpouzos was born in Athens on April 9, 1967, after attending philosophy and social studies courses at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens Law School, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning. During his studies in Greece he has actively involved in the social, ecologic and occupancy movements.

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