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Lucky - Another woman's child calls me "Momma" by @TalesofEire

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

"Another woman's child calls me "Momma".

There is a devine privilege in that title

And a guttural loss.

"Lucky," people call my children.

"They are so blessed," people say.

Are they?

Are my children lucky to have known

Fear? Hunger? Pain? Betrayal?

Were they lucky to live in terror?

The eldest beats his fists against his head.

He is agony. He is rage. He is panic.

I promise him I'll always protect him.

The little one is screaming in his sleep.

He fights a memory that chases him.

I sing to him a lullaby.

My daughter has selective mutism.

She is quiet. She is fearful. She is anxious.

I am her calm, her voice, her champion.

That isn't all they are.

They are joy. They are laughter.

They are strength and will and fortitude.

But they are not lucky.

I am - Because I am their mother."

Name: Erin Shannon - @TalesofEire

Place of residence: Maryland, USA

Your favourite quote: "We who have a voice must speak for the voiceless." - Saint Oscar Romero

Your one wish for the world: That we can come to a time when no one has to live in fear or with hunger.

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