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Merry Christmas and thank you! What a year!

A year ago we made a pact to create a website aimed at making the world a better place. We wanted to bring people together by embracing our similarities, learning from our differences and by shining a bright light on kindness.

This has been a unique year! One in which humanity has had to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reflect on our priorities: Health, Community and Togetherness.

We've learned that our society does NOT function without: The fearless heros in our health services, the amazing work of the world's teachers and our unsung heros: drivers, shop workers, delivery services etc. theorganicpoet.com has a poem for each of the above.

The Organic Poet has flown the flag in support of amazing causes over the course of the year... the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, our amazing friends in the LGBTQIA+ community and to provide a platform to amateur and professional poets around the world.

Theorganicpoet.com is YOUR platform. It has been created by the people, for the people! As we venture into a new year our commitment to you stays the same. We will do everything in our ability to make the world a better place. ALONE WE SINK, TOGETHER WE SAIL!

We wish you all a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and all.

PS - We leave you with a proud moment for us. We recently collaborated with Franklin High School to run our first poetry competition. Teacher Dawn Harris ran the competition within her school. The winners had the opportunity of having their poems published on T.O.P.....Alas, the poems presented to us were great so we were honoured to publish them. The competition made the local newspaper. Take a look below:

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