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Metamorphisis @laliaristo

I AM star dust plucked from the cosmos,

Consciously transforming the realms of my bounds.

As I illuminate my divinity to heal old wounds,

I emerge with the wisdom of a thousand prophets,

So let it be known with elation and trumpets.

I AM a collection of souls primed by sacred flames,

But now you begin to define me with human names.

With calcium, carbon, nitrogen, and iron,

I form my vessel as a conduit for my soul mission.

Particles, atoms and cellular debris,

Producing a bundle of joy to fill your heart with glee.

Gifting my wholeness as my conditioning begins,

You imprint your ancestral scars and emotional casings.

Layer by layer my pureness starts to dimmer,

Wearing masks of pain and a phony glimmer.

The parasites rejoice as they begin to feast,

But I will not be enslaved by your insatiable beast.

I remember my wholeness as I awaken and heal,

Picking up the shattered pieces of my tender heart, I start to feel.

I've been stitched together with self-realization and love,

Honing my warrior radiance from the creator above.

With loving awareness, I intensify with explosive light,

It emanates brightly through the broken fragments of my might.

As my calcified ribs grow wings of illumination,

I rise above your shadows and your delusion.

I AM magic, love, kindness, and bliss,

Spreading messages of unity that you cannot miss.

With forgiveness and compassion, I set you free,

As I AM infinite energy transmuting with glee.

Radiating at high frequencies to heal this earthly dome,

I will love you eternally as I transform back home.

Name: Lali A. Love

Place of residence: Ontario, Canada

Your favourite quote: The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


Your one wish for the world: Self-love and inner-peace

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