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My best friend tried to strangle me @poetorganic

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

My best friend tried to strangle me today. He put his arms around my neck, and he squeezed.

I escaped the attack. I sprung-up off my back; grabbed his leg and thrust my hip through his knee.

A guy I don’t know tried to suffocate me last night. He would not take his chest off my face!

I resisted the panic and the urge to go manic as I calmly exploited his space.

I broke free of unpleasant suffocation,

I moved quickly and confused the poor bloke.

I passed with a mission to solidify my position and applied a slick rear-naked choke.

I got beat by a girl half my size last week. She’s small so I thought she’d be weak.

She left me tired, confused and in no way amused.

No strength, just perfect technique.

An egotistical muscle man came to class one day. His shoulders were as wide as the door.

When he started to roll with blue-belt ‘Skinny Joe’, his big muscles weren’t as impressive anymore.

After a 15 second explosion he was panting, after 30 his was pinned to the floor, after 60 whole seconds he was tapping.

The muscle king found jiu-jitsu a chore!.

But the muscle chief didn’t let this defeat him. He’s since been training twice a week for 6 years.

His belt colour now has turned to purple. The night he got it, we couldn’t hold back the tears.

Muscly guy’s now the same size as ‘Skinny Joe’, whose blue-belt’s incidentally turned black.

Muscle man’s life changed after that 60 second roll, now he’s the most humble guy on the matt.

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