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My dear Heart @zvezdana_123

You said you would move mountains for me and you did.

You said you would clean all clouds, which covered sun above me and you did.

You said you will help me see the world through your eyes and you did.

Now I can walk free from falling, moving the mountains for one who need it.

Now I can bring the joy of sunshine to someone who is in the dark.

Now I can help someone to see the beauty of the world through your eyes.

Then they will do the same for someone else and soon enough everyone will see world through your eyes.

Name: Zvezdana Solaric

Place of residence: Sweden

Favorite quote: “In life trust in those who can see three things: your sorrow behind your smile, your love despite your anger and the reason for your silence.”

-Geronimo Braveheart

One wish for the world: To be all one, united in love for all. 

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