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My Two Hearts @OverthrowingEd

There is the one that is breaking with all the sadness around the world,

and the one that is bursting with joy at all the goodness I see around me.

There is the heart that overflows with pain for all the students who are struggling, trying, starving, coping, despairing and making do right now.

There is the heart that overflows with admiration for all the educators who are learning, growing, reflecting, questioning and making magic happen right now.

There is the heart that fears and the heart that loves. There is the one that shuns and withdraws, and the one that reaches out to family, friends and the whole world.

One of my hearts is despondent thinking about the future, leading me down the deep well of depression, and one of my hearts celebrates each present moment and every tree I see outside of my window, beckoning me to a stream of gratitude.

I look forward to the time when both my hearts become one again.

Name: Batsheva Frankel

Place of residence: Los Angeles, CA

Your favourite quote: (My current fave) This too shall pass.

Your one wish for the world: That we use this time to reflect on systematic issues in education and society at large to learn, grow and change. That we become a better world because of going through this experience.

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