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Never in vain - Ode of gratitude

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Trailblazers. Pioneers. We are proud to carry your DNA. The hardship and struggles you faced in dark times, have allowed us to be free today.

You had the courage to stand-up and be counted. Valiant heroes. Impenetrable grit. You were mocked and belittled. Oppressed and controlled. They would jeer. They would spit. They would hit.

Dirt in your face. Hungry. Arrested. For our freedom you gave up your rights. Holes in rooves. Rain fell through. Overcrowded. Now we’re comfortable sleeping at night.

They judged you on gender and sexuality. On creed, nationality and race. The path of most resistance was an obligation to you. Your actions made the world a better place.

This is my ode of gratitude to your greatness. Strong men and women who fought to give us a chance. The burden and pain were never in vain. You sowed the seeds that lead us to advance.

I am ashamed your actions aren’t always recognised first-hand. It is abhorrent. It’s disrespectful. It’s cruel. Our future generations are being robbed of your might. Children should learn of your bravery in schools.

To the ‘N*ggers’, ‘D*rty Irish’, ‘P*kis’ and ‘Q*eers’. ‘St*pid women’…….‘Know your place’. ‘Go back home’.

Due to your strength we are the tip of the iceberg. We could NEVER have made it alone.

Thank you

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