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No Turning Back @donna_mccance

Topic - Overcoming toxic relationships

You tried to break me

With all your might.

But I wasn't going

to give up the fight.

You tried to steal

My soul, my heart.

Leave me in pieces,

Torn apart.

I started to question

Your hurtful ways,

Of striking at me,

For so many days.

And then I realized

The problems not me.

The pains in you.

And now I see.

Your past, your hurt

That you transfer

Is reflective of you

To which now I defer.

I preserved my strength,

For this very day,

To save my soul,

And to this I pray...

To never turn back,

as I walk away.

Poet's biography

Name: Donna M. McCance

Place of residence: Leicester, MA USA

Your favourite quote: "Bloom where you are planted."

Your one wish for the world: My wish for the world is that all people treat each other with empathy and respect.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): Twitter @donna_mccance

A small bio about you:

Donna McCance is a long-time teacher and leader. She is a member of the Leicester School Committee, an elected school governance position. Donna received her Masters in Education from Anna Maria College, Masters in Human Services Management from Worcester State University, Bachelors in Business Administration from Clark University, Associates in Business Administration from Becker College and is a MA Licensed Principal/Vice Principal through Worcester State University and the MA DESE PALs Program. She is a graduate of Leicester High School. Prior to being an educator, Donna worked in management/leadership positions within academic and business settings.

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