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On Howth Head @edepaor

Over the hill, broad and mizzle-dredged,

falcons hang like thunderbird planes,

dogs weave paths to cliff-foot waves,

nuns perch on outcrops,

pick cress stalks from sandwiches.

Beyond the curve, Guinness children

sometime tripped with picnics

to their family cove.

The Jamesons, similarly,

were not outdone.

And all this just one loop of the bay

from the steam of hot desks

and coffee docks.

And all this just a day away:

familiar, strange, attainable.

Poet's biography

Name: Eilín de Paor Place of Residence: Dublin, Ireland Your Favourite Quote: “What if our bodies were transparent, like a washing-machine window? How wondrous to watch ourselves. Joggers would jog even harder, blood pumping away. Lovers would love more. God damn! Look at that semen go! Diets would improve – kiwi fruit and strawberries, borscht with sour cream.” Lucia Berlin Your one wish for the world:

That we embrace the concept of universal design: creating spaces and society in ways that include rather than exclude.

Where can we find out more about you:

She can be found on Twitter at: @edepaor

Brief biography:

Eilín de Paor lives in Dublin and works in health and social care. Selected for The Stinging Fly Summer School 2019, her poems have been published by Algebra of Owls, The Organic Poet, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Bangor Literary Journal, The Stony Thursday Book, Vox Galvia and Abridged (upcoming issue).

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