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Once Upon A Staircase @Irishgirl692

Topic - Healing

Once upon a staircase, a giant step I made

Looking up to struggles, down a waterfall cascade. Another step is taken, a giant leap I take All the different stages, with every step I make. Once upon a staircase, another step I took Growing through the pages, of a written journal book. Inked in footprints, left behind by stain If I keep going, only a few steps remain. Once upon a staircase, I looked up the last time A cascade of courage, in taking the last climb. I took the final steps, a fear I had to face I finally got there, once upon a staircase.

Poet's biography

Name: Catherine Mellen

Place of residence: Massachusetts USA

Your favourite quote: The expert at anything was once a beginner- Helen Hayes

Your one wish for the world: To end child abuse, racism and world hunger

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I am a poet, author and blogger. I share my story of horrific childhood trauma and the courage to shatter my silence on family secrets through my words of poetry and decades of writng in journals. My books Christmas in Poetry Land & Survivor's Mind are available on Amazon. Part one of my two part memoir will be available in the fall 2021. When I am not writing, I can be found making memories with my children, granddaughters and friend's. .

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