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Overcoming adversity @QTSLondon

Topic - Inspiration

My life has been back and forth

Once facing south to now facing north

I had difficulties with business during lockdown

Life was hard sometimes I was knocked down

Can't tell you hard it was, even asked to borrow money

Asking people for advice that didn't even really know me

I can't really explain how I made it through

Had to be tough suck it up and do what I had to

I'm not proud of every decision

but I'm out the dark regardless of each collision

I'm sure I've lost many friends along the way

But I'm telling you now I'm seeing a better day

I remember days where I couldn't pay my bills

The struggle was real life, lacked any thrills

I went through my awakening, realised I was looking at life wrong and found my purpose

Following people like Simon Sinek made me realise following parliament was like following a circus

I came to terms of what reality was

Came to realise I wasn't happy because

I felt happiness through helping others

Starting the teachers point of view people thought I was bonkers

Expanding my network really helped

Built friendship in places I haven't felt

Through meeting people from world's apart

To friends that I knew I had to part

Life changed for me when I started to make a difference

Governing primary schools who now asked me for a reference

Life was starting to moving along

Making pathways from where I had it wrong

Met Krupa who introduced me to Matt silver the SEN doctor

Joined forces and he reminded me of my favourite teacher Miss proctor

I felt a good energy with him so I knew I had to support

What they did fulfilled my purpose and hoped I didn't fall short

Changing the lives of the forgotten SEN

Regardless of if they were female or men

Got to May, let go of the old me and started to find it hard

Couldn't pay my bills but fulfilling my purpose was my only card

I was at crossroads between my old life and my new

Even though it was hard, letting go of the past was the only thing I knew

Been through my struggles was even in hospital

Had people laughing at me as if I was little

I'm here today and I'm proud of who I am

Standing before you all today proud to be this man

Poet's biography

Name: TJ Juttla

Place of residence: East London

Your favourite quote: “We can’t change the world until we change ourselves”

Your one wish for the world: To level the playing field between the advantaged and disadvantaged to create wealth and happiness in deprived areas

Where can we find out more about you (Website link): Linkedin TJ Juttla

A small bio about you:

I'm an education enthusiast who wants to make an impact on the future of our world and believes we can do it through making the right changes in Education now. Education is such a wonderful profession and we couldn't live without it. Every single industry stems from schools because of the hard work teachers do day in day out and how much difference you make to students' lives. Education is on a journey and is forever evolving which makes it such a fascinating industry to be a part of. I've learned so much over the last 14 months meeting so many amazing educators across the world on The Teachers' Point of View and honestly I feel so honoured to be able to support schools and teachers in the way I can. A lot of people perceive education recruiters to be money hungry agencies that don't care but for me it's so much more than that.

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