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PAPER MIRRORS @ataraxypoetry

Release your art

Express yourself

Words flow out

As a meditation

Of inner awareness

Your feelings inside

Turn them to ink

Pumped from the heart

And pour onto pages

For emotional alchemy

You will grow tall

From the introspective tending

Of your mind garden

Be persistent and

Soon you will marvel

At the beauty

Of thoughts

Made into poetry

Reflections of yourself

Transformed and infused

Poet's bio

Name: Kenton Oliver

Place of residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Your favourite quote: "If everything is forgotten, nothing is redressed." - In Pieces // Milan Kundera

Your one wish for the world:

May honesty and compassion triumph over deceit and malice, bringing forth new waves of peace and prosperity. May the world be cared for, diversity be celebrated, suffering be minimized and freedom be maximized for all.

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):


A small bio about you:

Kenton is compelled to write poetry and hopes that his words will inspire others. His work is often philosophical or focused on psychology, emotions and mental health. Aside from poetry, Kenton loves music, board games, his dog, family and friends.

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