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Poem of love @Quietshepherd1

We all have love within us and this Universe understands love, it doesn’t understand positive and negative it just understands energy. 

When we are in love our vibrations are high, and when we are broken we vibrate poorly. When we break up from someone we love it feels 

as if the love has vanished into thin air.

Their love for you may have disappeared from your presence, but underneath all the hurt we still

have our own love to hold on to, and this heart will constantly reminding Us to believe again 

Our own love that we hold won’t ever leave Us, it just takes a mixture of distance, some space, some rebuilding, and some time 

to move forward again with some hope.

Our hope is our light, our spark, the essence of who we really are.

Crying is a great way to release all of the negativity and toxicity that we hold, and its not weak to let it all out 

you're actually showing strength and courage, so we find ourself again.

When a relationship ends we feel lost and this part hurts as we feel abandoned 

and alone.

We are never alone as Spirit is with Us, trying to lift, sending encouragement to our heart to rise and believe in our love again

So when you feel alone after a breakup remember we are never truly alone as we all have a Guardian Angel that provides so much warmth

and compassion to help to pick us up from the floor, as we lie broken.

Our heart will push out emotions to try and soothe the pain we feel

and to help us to grow and heal again.

This helps us to overcome any cruelty that we may feel has been directed towards us. 

Our love will thrive and grow even when we are broken, and will rise too the surface to radiate emotions that lift us again

Allow spirit and the heart to work their own magic together to repair, build and grow and become balanced again

Always believe in your ability to shine brighter, as the universe has your back in the good and the bad moments

At our lowest point we bounce back like a spring bringing fresh love and hope to the surface.

When your ready this universe will push someone 

towards you to remind you that the love held will be perfect for this person as they might have been broken too, and together you can work some

magic, and find a better and stronger connection that can be unbreakable.

This person will appreciate all the goodness that we hold in our heart and together can heal each other 

Love is so amazing and so rewarding when you are with the right person .

Name: Mark

Place of residence: Leicester / UK

Your favourite quote:

No one can take our own Love away, no one can steal this, or borrow this as its uniquely yours to hold as our love shines in our heart to help Us to heal, no matter what is happening on the outside.

Your one wish for the world:

Just believe in your own set of circumstances as everything happens for a unique reason. Understand the reason, and react better, and our life lessons will change dramatically, and life get easier with less bumps in the road of travel. Allow happiness and joy into your heart instead of pain and worry, and bliss will enter your life, as your heart pushes out your love and kindness to this world instead of anything that lowers

Where can we find out more about you (Website link):

@quietshepherd1 on twitter

A small bio about you:

I am just a humble man who’s on a spiritual path, every day to have life is a blessing, and I’m very grateful for simple life, and this opportunity to write and help others in any way whilst here. This beautiful Universe of love is advancing my progression, fast tracking my learning, and teaching me the tools required so i can shine brighter. I watch, observe, learn, and experiment, with an open heart full of love, always connected to this divine realm. Everything this Universe, and spirit asks of me I do without hesitation, as i go deeper into this invisible world, feeling privileged and proud, and thrive in my vibrations, as i connect with spirits, and Angels. My thoughts and wishes, and emotions are all the same, all moulded together to provide more light to illuminate the dark.

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