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Poet of the month - @Scandela9 - Eclipse

Fuzzy mind

Allows escape,

Makes excuses.

Trying to fit the

new world in

so closely,

not understanding that

it takes awhile to

bend to its lean.

Clearing, there is

no question of

authority - you are

in control. Here is the

moment - you exist,

and in time you will possess.

Until then, you ache to

push through a fuzzy

unreality that can’t

possibly be the end.

It is when you are in it,

Lonely and solitary,

Trying to imagine

but without a thought

Of color;

Waking up and finding it’s

Not the end.

Ending up fighting with

Unreality itself - nothing’s there.

What is this for?

The curtain of the brain,

The flick of the eyelid.

The change of mind.

Understanding solitude

Is not the disease,

You are.

Sara's- Poet of the month biography

Three words that define you?

Passionate, honest, interested

Favourite song and why?

My favourite song recently has been I Wish I Was the Moon by Neko Case because of the line, “I’m so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight.” I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and it evokes such a powerful image of woman and the night sky and the vulnerability that comes with accepting that you are human.

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is the truest expression of self. It is the only way I know how to understand human suffering and beauty without sacrificing one for the other, in a way that is both internal exploration and external analysis.

What is your objective as a poet?

I want to be the best writer I can possibly be. I want to write furiously and truthfully, work closely with others, and present to the world a unique portrait of life. I want to inspire thoughtfulness and inquiry.

If you could make a phone call to the teenage you, what message would you give?

You are unlimited.

What are you most proud of as a poet?

I am proud of the ability to see the world as it is in every form, and humbled to be one of those who gets to communicate its meaning. It is hard, sometimes, to get others to see. But it is the job of the poet to be unwavering in this pursuit.

Who is your role model and why?

One of my role models is my sister in law, Lauren, because she is a self-made woman whose spirit in the dark is honest and real. In the light, it is dedicated to growing into a version of itself that does not yet exist, but which is waiting in beauty to form - over and over forever.

If you could offer any advice to a poet just getting started, what would it be and why?

Do not be intimidated by anyone, especially not yourself. Nobody knows what they are doing. Do it anyway. And talk to other writers. They are the great spring from which your own wisdom must be drawn.

Links to your work:


I do not have public links to my work yet, but I am editing a few things that I’m submitting to publications this fall. I guess I should have a website or something, but for now people can follow me on Twitter at @Scandela9 or IG at @Scandela9 or @curiouslyspeaking to see me tweet or post bits of writing.

A message for theorganicpoet.com readers?

Poetry is a gift of the spirit that gives us access to our most true selves, and at the same time lets us contribute to the grand whole of the universe. It is both self-exploration and healing and sacrifice, and connection to the world. The Organic Poet provides a space for inspiring poets to experiment and flourish, and we should all be grateful for spaces like this in our virtual lives.

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