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POETRY OF ALOHA 🌺 @PoetryAloha

The essence of Aloha in her eyes cast a spell of mystery

Cut from sacred stone of opal purity

Inviting as reflecting pools of warm sea coral

Immersed in tides of sparkling blue waters

White diamonds of her heart unfurl in waves of glittery facets

From dreamscapes of long palm shadowed sunsets

Turquoise waves of compassion flow from her caress and touch of crescent winter moon

Whispering the orchestral harmony of the universe

Elegance of nature's artistry

Her smile saturates the roots of my soul in wet lucidity

Fragrance of pua and rainbow prisms coalesce in stormy serendipity

Pulsing through my soul of consciousness

Coursing veins.. lungs sigh and breathe

The illuminance of the stars vibrant in heavens majesty

New years begin with wishes of health and prosperity

Longing once again for her taste of wild honey

Innocent touch of supple burgundy

Like the breath from a soft gentle trade

Against my mortal flesh her intimate amber waves

Like the ever flowing waterfalls into sleepy Hanalei

Drifting down lazy rivers of my ethereal haze

Her heart beat of Indonesian rhythm soothes me

In a perpetual motion of earthen beauty

Dance with me beneath the stars across distant seas

Melt into my embrace of a warm salty mist

Ignite our fire of intimate passion with a everlasting kiss

Worlds collide with the fever of her moist lips upon my chest

Breath of angelic winds impress upon my neck

Her island dew beads upon my blossoming petals of thirst

Like a golden nectar... a sugary voice of serenity

Calling me across a hemisphere of gravity

Compelling us together to share our cosmos of moonbeams

Enveloping our souls of emotion and creativity

Where lyrics of poetry compose the melody of our life energy


Residence: Poipu Beach, Kauai

Favourite Quote: Love gives life within

One Wish for the world: A safer and healthy planet for humanity

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